Various Styles of Party Chairs

Party chairs fall into two primary groups. The chairs designed for indoor events are most usually referred to as “banquet chairs.” These chairs, from which their name is derived, are typically employed to provide temporary seating for occasions like banquets. They are light, sturdy, four-legged, stackable, or foldable chairs without armrests.

The second type of event chair may be collapsed, has very short legs (so it is quite low to the ground), and is typically made of canvas. It is utilized for outdoor events.

Party Chairs for a Banquet or Indoors

A light, four-legged, stackable or foldable chair without armrests is referred to as a “banquet chair” when it is used to offer temporary seating for events like banquets. When not in use, they can be conveniently stored in large quantities.

Banquet chairs are most typically used for short-term gatherings like town halls, meetings, and banquets. Because they can be quickly and practically anywhere put up for these brief events that may be conducted in a number of venues, banquet chairs are seen as the appropriate solution.

Various Indoor Party Chair Styles

Their design’s storage-friendliness is one of its key features. It was only meant for these chairs to be used sporadically for brief periods of time. Outdoor furniture includes either stackable or folding chairs.

In this way, while not in use, dozens or even hundreds of banquet chairs can be kept in a relatively small space and rapidly hauled out and put up as needed. Designing for mass storage is made much simpler by the fact that these chairs do not have and have never had armrests.

Outdoor Party Chairs

Director’s Chairs and outdoor event chairs are sometimes mistaken for each other. Although both are collapsible and quite portable, it is a common mistake that the Event Chair sits rather low to the ground because to its incredibly short legs and frequently has features like cup holders which provide convenience to the users.

The Director’s Chair has noticeably longer legs, which helps him see his surroundings more clearly when supervising production.

If and where they are used at all, individuals usually bring their own chairs to outdoor events, therefore they are built of lightweight materials like aluminum and canvas and are made to be very portable.

The two popular types of outdoor party chair are as follows:


Wood is a millennia-old furniture raw material. It’s beautiful, easy to work with, and makes robust tables, chairs, and benches. Not all outdoor woods are made equal. Many softwoods, such as pressure-treated pine, cedar, and fir, are affordable and utilized for indoor furnishings, but they don’t stand up well to the weather and need continual protection. Hardwoods withstand weather damage and can last decades if properly handled. Softwoods are easier to mould but more expensive. Hardwoods also vary greatly.


Outdoor teak furniture is very popular. This fine-grained hardwood’s high demand and restricted availability have driven up its price. Teak’s qualities make it perfect for outdoor use. It doesn’t bend, split, or become brittle like many woods. Teak repels water and doesn’t expand or contract when drying. Its high oil content resists rot, decomposition, and insects. Teak is the most durable, lasting up to 50 years. Its honey brown color can be maintained with minimum oiling, or it can patina to silver-gray if not. Most patio furniture makers use this wood.



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